How to use Internal Security Database

VIF Internal Security Database is designed to give direct access to key primary source data, information and documents that includes, Key Personnel- Who’s Who, Organisations, Central Armed Police and Police, Acts, Policy, Budget, Parliament Committee Reports, Debate, Question and Answers, Border Management, Jammu and Kashmir, Left Wing Extremism, Northeast, Hinterland Terrorism, International Cooperation, Cyber Security, Counter Radicalisation, Disaster Management, Major Crimes an Narcotics and Major Law and Order.

To source information you can CLICK on the subjects indicated above or go to the drop down menu and access the given link.

For Example – For sourcing Unlawful Activities Prevent Amendment Act 2002, go to Drop Down Menu of Internal Security and Check on Acts and subhead Specific Acts. All Acts have been placed in alphabetical order. Go down and you will find the Act.

Alternatively you can use the search engine box and type Unlawful Activities act 2002 and access the results.