Relation at a Glance


Establishment of Relations 1965
Brief History  The bilateral relations between India and Uganda are characterised by historical cultural linkages, extensive economic and trade interests, and a convergence on major bilateral and international issues. A 27000+ Indian/PIO population in Uganda, a bilateral trade of nearly US$ 1.3 billion, a steady surge of Indian investments making India consistently one of the top investors in Uganda, capacity building training programmes and institutions, and a common and deep respect for universal values like democracy and peace reinforce the architecture of India-Uganda bilateral relations. Trade and economic interests brought several Indians to the shores of East Africa as early as the 17th century in dhows laden with their wares. Eventually a number of Indians settled in East Africa, and many made Uganda their home. India’s freedom struggle inspired the early Ugandan activists to fight colonization and Uganda eventually achieved Independence in 1962. Uganda remains an important partner in Africa. India and Uganda closely cooperate at regional and international fora.
Key Visits (President, VP, PM) Prime Minister’s Visits:
24–25 July 2018
VP’s Visit: 21-23 February 2017
Main Treaties and Agreements  
MOUs MoU on Defence Cooperation. 2018
MoU on Visa exemption for Diplomatic and official passport holders. 2018
MoU on Cultural Exchange Programme. 2018
MoU on Material Testing Laboratory. 2018
Working Groups Foreign Office Consultations (FOCs)  
Bilateral Trade – Total Trade:
2017-18-  588.47 USD Million
2016-17-  563.41 USD Million
2015-16 – 615.46 USD Million
2014-15 – 591.61 USD Million

Major Imports:
edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers
coffee, tea, mate and spices, wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal
cotton, essential oils, and cocoa and cocoa preparation

Major Exports:
pharmaceutical products, vehicles, plastic, paper and paperboard,organic chemicals
Grant/Loan/Aid During the visit of VP of India to Uganda, India announced donation of US $ 2 million worth of medicines and US $ 1 million worth medical equipment. 2017

Lines of Credits for construction of electricity lines and Substations worth US $ 141 million. 2018 Agriculture and Dairy production for US $ 64 million. 2018
Ongoing Negotiations [For example FTA and Status]
Key Officials Ambassador/HC– India to Uganda-
H. E.   Mr. Ravi Shankar
Ambassador/HC –Uganda to India – H.E. Mrs  Ambassador Grace Akello



  1. Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

2. Ministry of Commerce, Government of India