Relations at a Glance Egypt

Establishment of Relations 1947
Brief History  India and Egypt, two of the world’s oldest civilizations, have enjoyed a history of close contact from ancient times. Ashoka’s edicts refer to his relations with Egypt under Ptolemy-II. In modern times, Mahatma Gandhi and Saad Zaghloul shared common goals on the independence of their countries, a relationship that was to blossom into an exceptionally close friendship between Gamal Abdel Nasser and Jawaharlal Nehru, leading to a Friendship Treaty between the two countries in 1955. The Non-AlignedMovement was a natural concomitant of this relationship. India andEgypt share close political understanding based on long history of contacts and cooperation on bilateral, regional and global issues. The joint announcement of establishment of diplomatic relations at Ambassadorial level was made on 18 August 1947. There is a new momentum in our relations and a shared desire to take it to a higher level.
Key Visits (President, VP, PM)  
Main Treaties and Agreements  
MOUs 1. MoU between the GOI & Government of Arab Republic of Egypt for Air Transport Arrangements (Aug 2014)  
2. MoU on scientific cooperation between National Research Centre, Egypt (NRC) and Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) [August 2015]  
3. MoU on Tourism cooperation (August 2015)    
4. MoU on cooperation between Secretaries of National Security Councils of India and Egypt (December 2015)    
5. MoU between Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) and Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality(EOS) (January 2016)
6. MoU between General Authority for Investment and Free Zone (Egypt) and Invest India (India) (March 2018)
Agreements 1. Agreement on Maritime Transport (September 2016)  
2. Executive Programme on S&T cooperation for the period of 2015-2018 (Dec 2014)
Working Groups 1. Bilateral Joint Commission Meeting.
2. Foreign Office Consultations (FOCs).
Bilateral Trade- Total Trade:
1. 2017-18-3,685.27 USD Million
2. 2016-17-3,231.12 USD Million
3. 2015-16-3,558.88 USD Million
4. 2014-15-4,767.36 USD Million

Major Imports:
Petroleum Oil, Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbon, Natural Calcium Phosphates, Raw Cotton and coke & semi-coke
Major Exports:
Meat, light vessels floating cranes,Petroleum Oil, Cotton Yarn and Motor Cars 
Grant/Loan/Aid 1. Pan Africa Tele-medicine and Tele-education project in Alexandria University,

2. Solar electrification project in Agaween village.

3. Vocational Training Centre for textile technology in Shoubra, Cairo, which have all been completed  
4. IT Centre in Al Azhar University which will be inaugurated soon.
Ongoing Negotiations   [For example FTA and Status]
Key Officials Ambassador/HC– India to Egypt-H.E. Mr. Rahul Kulshreshth
Ambassador/HC –Egypt to India -H.E.  Mr  Hatem El Sayed Tageldin



  1. Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
  2. Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.