PCR – Parliamentary Q and A

Action against culprits involved in lynching (19 July 2017)

The responsibilities to maintain law and order, protection of life and property rest primarily with the respective State Governments. The State Governments are competent to deal with such offences under the extant provisions of laws. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) does not maintain data on the cases of lynching.

Action against organizations involved in lynching(26 July 2017)

Central Government attaches highest importance in the prevention of crime and necessary advisory for taking action against miscreants, who disturb law and order in the name of protection of cattle has been issued to States/UTs, which is available in the Ministry of Home Affairs website viz www.mha.nic.in. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) maintains data on offences promoting enmity between different groups on ground of religion, race, place of birth etc.

Action plan to curb Naxal problem ( 5 April 2017)

A National Policy and Action Plan to address LWE problem has been formulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs which consists of an integrated multi-pronged strategy comprising Security related measures, Development related measures, ensuring Rights and Entitlement related measures.

Agreement to tackle terrorism(29 March 2017)

In order to effectively fight the menace of terrorism and its threats, India has entered
into bilateral agreements with other friendly countries in the fields of security cooperation which covers inter alia counter terrorism, intelligence and information sharing and capacity building.

All women India Reserve Battalion (19 July 2017)

Government of India had approved raising of 5 India Reserve Battalions for J & K Police on 10.02.2016. Subsequently State Government raised a demand to create a Women Police Battalion for J & K Police to address the issues relating to gender based violence faced by Women

Amount for police modernisation (19 July 2017)

The details of funds allocated under Modernisation of Police Forces (MPF) Scheme, during each of the last three years and the current year is at Annexure I. The funds have been allocated for mobility, weaponry, Mega City Policing, communication and other equipments

Anti India slogans raised during funeral of militants (19 July 2017)

As per the report of State Government, a few instances of militants making brief appearance in large gathering of the funeral of militants have been observed. In these instances, the militants after making brief appearances disappear taking advantage of large gathering.

Areas affected by Naxalism (19 July 2017)

106 districts in 10 States are affected by Left Wing Extremism and are covered by the Security Related Expenditure Scheme of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Arrest of minors under J and K Public Safety Act (12 April 2017)

As per section 8 sub-section 3 clause f of Public Safety Act (PSA) 1978, a person to be detained under PSA shall not include a citizen of India who has not attained the age of 18 years.

Assam emerging as trafficking hub of the country (15 March 2017)

As per data compiled by National Crime Records Bureau, the number of cases of human trafficking registered all over India for the year ending 2015 is 5608. Out of this, 1480 cases were registered in the State of Assam.