Relations at a Glance

Establishment of Relations 1950

Brief History 

India and China share a unique relationship of friendship and cooperation. India and China are not mere societies; they are civilizations. Both India and China began their journey of independent governance almost at the same time, India in 1947 and the People’s Republic of China in 1949. While, the India-China border conflict in 1962 was a serious setback to ties, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s landmark visit in 1988 began a phase of improvement in bilateral relations. Cumulative outcomes of nine key visits in recent times have been transformational for our ties

Key Visits (President, VP, PM) Prime Minister’s Visits:1.      14-16 May 2015

2.      4-5 September 2016

3.      3-5 September 2017

4.      27-28 April 2018

VP’s Visits:

1.      May 24-27 2016

2.      June 26- 30 2014

Main Treaties and Agreements 1. Agreement on Implementation plan on provision of hydrological information of the Yarlung Brahmaputra river in floods season2. Agreement between India and China on field of tourism

3. Agreement on establishment of sister city relations between Aurangabad and Dunhuang


  1. Memorandum of understanding between Ministry of Water Resources, The People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation

2. The Protocol between General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China and the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Famers Welfare of the Republic of India

3. MOU on  India and China on establishment of the State’s Provincial Forum

4. MOU on India and China Scientific cooperation

Working Groups 1.      Joint Working Group on trade2.      JWG on Collaboration in Skill Development and Vocational Education

3.      JWG on Collaboration in Skill Development and Vocational Education

4.      Joint Study Group and Joint Task Force on Regional Trading Agreement (RTA)

5.      India-China Joint Working Group on Agriculture

6.      India-China Joint Working Group on Cooperation in Energy and the Joint Study Group on BCIM Economic Corridor.

Bilateral Trade – Last Three years Total Trade:1.      2017-18 – 495,754,796.15 India Trade balance- -104,451,890.54

2.      2016-17 – 442,710,892.02  India’s Trade Balance- -72,824,181.34

3.      2015-2016- 420,668,994.22 India’s Trade Balance–77,392,113.34

Major Exports

1.      Diamond

2.      Cotton yarn

3.      Iron ore

4.      Copper

5.      Organic chemicals

Major Imports

1.      Fertilizers

2.      Antibiotics

3.      Organic chemicals

Grant/Loan/Aid Ingoing – Outgoing
Ongoing Negotiations [For example FTA and Status]
Disputes 38000 sq. Km under occupation of China in J&K (MEA, Government of India)
Key Officials Ambassador/HC – India to China  Mr. Gautam BambawaleAmbassador/HC – China to India –   H.E. Luo Zhaohui