Relations at a Glance – India and Israel

Establishment of Relations 1992
Brief History  India-Israel bilateral relations have developed into a “strategic partnership” after Prime Minister Modi’s historic visit to Israel in 2017. Today the India-Israel relations cover multiple areas including defence, agriculture, water, science & technology, space, investments and cultural ties.
Key Visits (President, VP, PM) President’s Visits:
12-15 October 2015
Prime Minister’s Visits:
4-6 July 2017
Main Treaties and Agreements 1. Cooperation on Homeland and Public Security Issues
2. India-Israel R&D and Technological Innovation Fund
3. Agreement on Film Coproduction
4. Three Year Work Program in Agriculture (2018-2020)
MOUs 1. National Campaign for Water Conservation in India
2. Water Resource Management
3. Cooperation in Small Satellites
Working Groups 1. Joint Working Group on Counter Terrorism
2. Joint Working Group on Border Management
3. Joint Working Group on Internal Security and Public Safety
4. Joint Working Group on Agriculture/Horticulture
Bilateral Trade – Last Three years Total Trade:
1. 2017-18 – 3364.05 USD Millio
2. 2016-17 –  3087.16 USD Million
3. 2015-16 –  2821.18 USD Million
Major Imports:
1. Precious metal and stone
2. Chemicals and mineral products
3. Base Metals
4. Machinery and transport equipment
Major Exports:
1. Precious metal and stone (Diamonds)
2. Chemical products
3. Textiles and textile articles
Grant/Loan/Aid Ingoing – Outgoing
Ongoing Negotiations India-Israel FTA negotiations have been going on since 2007
Key Officials Ambassador/HC – India to Israel –  H. E. Ambassador Pavan Kapoor
Ambassador/HC – Israel to India – H. E. Ambassador Daniel Carmon