Policy – Parliamentary Q and A

Citizenship to migrants from Pakistan (22 March 2017)
Question on details and steps taken regarding citizenship of migrants from Pakistan.

Compensation to Hindu refugees of PoK (12 April 2017)
Question on financial compensation provided to Hindu refugees from PoK and Bangladesh

Crimes against SCs, STs and Minorities (19 July 2017)
Question on crimes, rate of conviction and measures taken by the Government of India to address crimes against SCs, STs and Minorities.

Database of foreign nationals visiting India (12 April 2017)
Question on the creation and benefits of a database of foreign nationals visiting India.

Entry points under e-Visa Scheme (12 April 2017)
Question on the list of countries, duration and entry points of the e-Visa scheme.

Foreign citizens illegally residing in the country (20 December 2017)
Question on the details of illegal foreign citizens residing in India and the remedial actions undertaken

Liberalisation of rules governing small arms manufacturing (27 December 2017)
Question on the details of arms-manufacturing liberalisation

Long term visit visa (05 April 2017)
Question on the details of long term visit visas for US and Pakistan nationals.

Monitoring of activities of NGOs (12 April 2017)
Question on the details of foreign funding and renewal of FCRA licences to NGOs.

Policy towards surrendered Naxalites (19 July 2017)
Question on the surrender policy of the Government of India towards Naxalites.

Policy initiatives for effective protection of borders