LWE – Parliamentary Q and A

Action plan to curb Naxal problem (05 April 2017)
Question on whether Naxal problem has become a major problem in the country and what is Government’s plan of action to curb this problem.

Attacks on security forces by Naxalites (19 July 2017)
Question on how the Ministry looks at the continuous attacks on our forces by Naxalites, particularly in Sukma area in Chhattisgarh.

CRPF personnel killed in Naxal affected areas (12 April 2017)
Question on the number of CRPF personnel killed in the naxal affected areas during the last two years.

Internal security of the country (22 March 2017)
Question on whether it is a fact that the internal security of the country has become stronger in the last two and a half years.

Killing of tribals by Maoists (26 July 2017)
Question on whether it is a fact that Maoists killed one civilian every day in 2017.

Killing of tribals in course of anti Naxal operations (02 August 2017)
Question on whether it is a fact that there have been cases of killing of innocent tribals by security forces in course of anti-naxal operations in village Dholkatta in Giridih district of Jharkhand.

Police hospitals in Naxal affected States (02 August 2017)
Question on whether Government proposes to establish police hospitals on the lines of army hospitals in Naxalite affected States of the country including Chhattisgarh.

Policy towards surrendered Naxalites (19 July 2017)
Question on what is the policy of Government towards surrendered Naxalites in the country.

Rehabilitation of surrendered Naxals (22 March 2017)
Question on the total number of naxals surrendered in the last three years, year-wise
in the country and in Jharkhand.