CAP – Parliamentary Q and A

Amount for police modernisation (19 July 2017)
Question on the the amount allocated for modernisation of police force in States including Chhattisgarh in the last three years by Government and the details of heads under which the amount has been spent, charges of corruption and the measures taken by India.

Assistance for coastal police stations in Goa (08 February 2017)
Question on Government has given any financial or material assistance to develop/upgrade coastal police stations in the State of Goa.

Audit of vulnerable jails in the country (15 March 2017)
Question on auditing of vulnerable jails in the country.

Augmentation of police forces of States (22 March 2017)
Question on fulfilling shortages in the police forces.

Benefits to Paramilitary Forces at par with Army (08 February 2017)
Question on whether Government has any proposal to extend same benefits to paramilitary forces at par with army.

Boats for Marine Police Stations in Odisha (12 April 2017)
Question on whether Government of India would provide seaworthy boats to all the 13 marine police stations in Odisha under Coastal Security Scheme Phase-II at an early date as no boats have been provided to the above stated marine police stations.

Bullet Proof Jackets to Paramilitary Personnel (05 April 2017)
Question on whether Government has provided bullet proof jackets to personnel of paramilitary forces.

CCTV cameras installed by Delhi Police (12 April 2017)
Question on whether it is a fact that only 4000 CCTV cameras have been installed by the Delhi Police during the last eight years even though the issue of women’s safety remains a cause for concern and most remain nonfunctional.

Coastal India Reserve Battalion in Odisha (29 March 2017)
Question on whether Government would make provisions according to the proposal submitted by Government of Odisha to Ministry of Home Affairs, for creation of a Coastal India Reserve Battalion comprising of 917 personnel in Odisha?

Differences in Facilities provided to Army men and Paramilitary Forces (08 February 2017)
Question on whether it is a fact that a CRPF jawan has posted a video alleging  discrimination and differences in facilities provided to army men and paramilitary forces