MCN – Parliamentary Q and A

Assam emerging as trafficking hub of the country (15 March 2017)
Question on whether Government is aware that Assam has emerged as the trafficking hub of the country, as per the report of National Crime Records Bureau.

Cases of missing children

Drug syndicate operating from J and K (20 December 2017)
Question on whether it is a fact that Government is now contemplating to invoke stringent provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), 1967 against those involved in a drug syndicate operating from Jammu and Kashmir.

Drugs and narcotic substances network in Telangana (20 December 2017)
Question on details of whether Government is aware that a large drugs and narcotic substances network was unearthed by Telangana Government.

Fake currency notes smuggled from Bangladesh (20 December 2017)
Question on the details of fake currency notes seized in the country recently, with details like seizures, quantum of notes and number of persons arrested, from January to end of October, 2017.

Funding of terrorist activities (20 December 2017)
Question on whether it is a fact that illicit funds generated from the sale of drugs are being used for funding terrorist activities and illegal arms trade.

Guidelines to States on crimes (26 July 2017)
Question on whether it is a fact that the number of crimes in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttarakhand is on the rise day-by-day.

Human trafficking on Indian borders (15 March 2017)
Question on the number of minor boys/girls/adult women/men rescued from the persons involved in human trafficking on Indian borders along with other countries which were being brought to India from other countries for flesh trade/exploitation/labour by illegal method during the year 2014 to 2016.

Illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs (05 April 2017)
Question on whether it is a fact that inspite of firm combating infrastructure in place, there are large number of cases of illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs in the country.

SCRBs not maintaining data in required format (08 February 2017)
Question on  whether it is a fact that State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) of many States do not represent data in the format approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Seizure of drugs narcotics (19 July 2017)
Question on the details of major seizure of drugs/ narcotics effected during the last three years and initiatives taken by the Narcotics Control Bureau, to curb illegal traffic of narcotics particularly in Jharkhand and Gujarat.

Smuggling of narcotics and weapons in the country (29 March 2017)
Question on whether narcotics and weapons are being smuggled into the country on a large scale from across the border.