Country Overview

Land & Geography

Geographic Location – Maldives- Arabian Sea-Indian Ocean

Area:  Sq Km

Boundaries:  Land: None                                             

Coastal: 644 km (Maldives Tourism)

Climate: Tropical monsoon

Natural Hazards: Floods


Official Name: Republic of Maldives                                                                              

Capital: Male

Independent since: 1965                                                                                                                  

Type of Government: Unitary Presidential Republic

Head of the State: President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (President)                                  

Head of Government: President

Constitution: Adopted in 2008 (Constitution)                                                                    

Elections/Due: 2023

Parliament Party Position:

Principal Political Parties with Leaders: (Election Commission, Maldives)

  1. Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)
  2. Dhivehi Raiyyithunge Party (DRP)
  3. Adhaalath Party
  4. Jumhooree Party
  5. Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)
  6. Maldives Development Alliance (MDA)

People & Society

Total Population: 344,023 (Statistical Year Book, 2018)                                                       

Density per Sq. Km:

Ethnic Groups: Maldivians                                                                                                      

Languages: Dhivehi

Religion: Islam (Constitution)                                                                                            

Literacy: 98% (Statistical Year Book, 2018)

Life Expectancy: Male 77.2 Female 79.9                 (World Life Expectancy)

Male/Female Ratio: 103 (males per 100 females) (Statistical Year Book, 2018)


Official Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) (Maldives Monetary Authority)        

GDP (Nominal): 4.213 billion (in 2016) | 4.505 (as in 2017) (IMF)

GDP (PPP): 6.453 billion (in 2016) and 6.887 billion (as estimated in 2017)(IMF)       

GDP (Growth Rate): 6.9 % in 2017 (Maldives Monetary Authority)

Per Capita GDP (PPP):  $18,245.880 (in 2016) (IMF)                                                                 

Public Debt:  61 % of GDP in 2017 (Maldives Monetary Authority)

Rate of Inflation: 2.8 % in 2017 (Maldives Monetary Authority)                                     

Foreign Exchange Reserves: US$625.9 million in 2017 (Maldives Monetary Authority)

Rate of Savings: not available

Current Account Deficit: USD 1270 Million in 2018 (deficit)  (Maldives   Monetary Authority)        
Foreign Trade (Export & Import):
Total USD 2996.8 million (in Nov 2018) (Maldives Monetary Authority

Trade Balance:
USD 2397.8 million (in Nov 2018) (deficit) (Maldives Monetary Authority

Major Items of Export: (Maldives Monetary Authority)
1. Fresh, chilled or frozen tuna
2. Fresh, chilled or frozen fish (excluding tuna)Canned or pouched fish
3. Processed fish, nes
4. Fish products, sea food, marine product nes & live fish
5. Garments & other exports

Major Items of Import: (Maldives Monetary Authority)
1. Food items
2. Furniture, fixtures & fittings
3. Electronic & electrical appliances
4. Petroleum products
5. Transport equipment & parts

Major Trading Partners: (Ministry of Economic development, Maldives)

Export: Thailand, S. Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, France, UK and Germany

Import: UAE, Singapore, India, Malaysia, China and EU  

Military & Security (No Datas) in too.
Military Expenditure: Total Army As Percentage of GDP:
Manpower: Navy Major Equipment:
Manpower: Air Force Major Equipment:
Manpower: Major Equipment: