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China: Daily Scan, December 29, 2021

CPC leadership stresses enhancing historical confidence, unity, fighting spirit: Xinhuanet
December 29, 2021

A meeting of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has stressed strengthening the Party members’ historical confidence, unity and their fighting spirit. The two-day meeting of criticism and self-criticism, themed on studying the Party’s history, stressed carrying forward the Party’s great founding spirit and upholding its historical experience from the endeavors over the past century. Click here to read…

Full Text: China’s Export Controls: Xinhuanet
December 29, 2021

The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China published a white paper titled “China’s Export Controls” on Wednesday. Following is the full text of the white paper:

China’s Export Controls

The State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China Click here to read…

China issues plan on digitalization, networking of manufacuturing: Xinhuanews
December 28, 2021

China will see 70 percent of its major manufacturing firms basically digitalized and networked by 2025, according to a development plan on smart manufacturing. The plan, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments, also states that all of China’s manufacturing firms above a designated size will be digitalized and networked by 2035. Click here to read…

China to see breakthroughs in robotics by 2025: People’s Daily
December 29, 2021

China has pledged to achieve breakthroughs in core robotic technologies and related high-end products by 2025, according to a guideline released Tuesday. The country will strive to become a global hub for robotics innovation by then, attaining the performance and reliability for key robot components to meet international standards, said the guideline jointly issued by state organs such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Click here to read…

China’s central bank governor pledges stronger support for real economy: Quishi
December 29, 2021

As China has mapped out priorities for the economic work of 2022 at a key meeting earlier this month, the country’s central bank governor Yi Gang in a recent interview elaborated on the bank’s working agenda for the coming year. Speaking to Xinhua, Yi, governor of the People’s Bank of China, talked about stronger financial support for the real economy and carbon-neutrality goals. Click here to read…

Near miss in outer space prompts call for US respect: China Daily
December 29, 2021

China on Tuesday revealed that its space station has had to avoid two collisions with SpaceX satellites, and called on the United States to respect the international order in outer space and to safeguard the safety of astronauts in orbit. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made the remarks while confirming that China’s permanent mission to the United Nations had submitted a note verbale to the UN secretary-general for safety reasons earlier this month. Click here to read…

HK police arrest six people linked to Stand News following new charge against Apple Daily staff on inflammatory publications: Global Times
December 29, 2021

The Hong Kong Police Force National Security Department arrested seven people on the suspicion of sedition on Wednesday, including six linked to an online news site and one from the secessionist tabloid Apple Daily. Over 200 police officers also searched the offices of Stand News and took away about 30 boxes of materials of evidence including computers and documents Wednesday noon. Click here to read…

China outlines vision for four mega data centre clusters: Reuters
December 29, 2021

China has approved plans to build four mega clusters of data centres in the country’s north and west with the aim of supporting the data needs of Beijing and major coastal centres, according to the country’s top state planner on Wednesday. The clusters will be built in the northern Inner Mongolia region, northwestern Ningxia region, Gansu province and southwestern Guizhou province, the National Development and Reform Commission said in four separate statements. Click here to read…