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China: Daily Scan, December 13, 2021

China holds key economic meeting to plan for 2022: Xinhuanet
December 10, 2021

The annual Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing from Wednesday to Friday as Chinese leaders mapped out priorities for the economic work in 2022. In a speech at the conference, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Chinese president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, reviewed the country’s economic work in 2021, analyzed the current economic situation and arranged next year’s economic work. Click here to read…

China issues 10 application challenges for new generation supercomputer: Xinhuanet
December 10, 2021

China has issued a list of 10 application challenges for its new generation supercomputer, with an aim to build a quintillion-scale supercomputing application ecology, Science and Technology Daily reported on Friday. The list includes the fusion simulation of a magnetic confinement fusion reactor, fluid mechanics simulation of a full-size aerospace vehicle, dynamic simulation of a digital cell atomic system, as well as refined numerical weather forecasting. Click here to read…

China ramps up J-20 stealth fighter production after domestic engine switch: Global Times
December 12, 2021

The maker of the J-20, China’s most advanced stealth fighter jet, revealed that it recently broke records in terms of aircraft delivery due to high demand, with experts saying on Sunday that the J-20 has entered a mass production phase after it solved the last missing piece of the puzzle, the domestically developed WS-10 engine. Click here to read…

China issues new plan to bolster cold chain logistics against COVID-19 risks: Global Times
December 12, 2021

China’s State Council, the cabinet, on Sunday issued a development plan for the cold-chain logistics sector as part of the country’s 14th Five-Year-Plan (2021-25), elevating the logistics network into a pillar position in supporting economic and social development, while highlighting timely urgent issues such as imported COVID-19 risks amid the ongoing global pandemic. Click here to read…

Huawei’s cloud integration making progress: Global Times
December 11, 2021

The test satellite carrying the “Tiansuan constellation” computing platform was operating stably in orbit on Friday, marking the first validation of Huawei Cloud’s integration in space. Chinese private satellite company Spacety and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) have inked a deal to jointly launch the Tiansuan constellation in November, aiming to launch a series of satellites to build an open-source platform that could support the development of a 6G network, satellite internet and other technologies.

Huawei Cloud, as one of the first cooperative co-construction units, has integrated edge computing with a satellite computing platform, allowing the satellite to have artificial intelligence (AI) capability and multitasking ability, people.cn reported on Friday. Click here to read…

Chinese vice premier stresses continuous development of Hainan free trade port:
People’s Daily
December 12, 2021

Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng has urged efforts to comprehensively implement major national strategies and promote new development at the Hainan free trade port. Han, also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and head of the leading group on deepening all-around reform and opening-up in Hainan, made the remarks while chairing a meeting of the group on Friday.
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China’s investment in diplomacy falls, as its global ambitions rise: South China Morning Post
December 12, 2021

China’s diplomatic corps stands at the front line of the country’s expanding ambitions on the world stage, but while its main rival the US is increasing overseas spending, Beijing has been doing the reverse. President Xi Jinping has said China’s diplomacy must serve his vision for the “new era” marked by his leadership – to achieve “a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”.Key to his vision is the belief that China will ultimately survive an unprecedented time of upheaval brought on by the widening ideological and geopolitical divide with Washington. Click here to read…

Show us the numbers on China’s economic risks, former finance minister says: South China Morning Post
December 12, 2021

China’s economic data should reflect more of the country’s major problems rather than just presenting a rosy picture, according to outspoken former finance minister Lou Jiwei.
At a forum held by the China Centre for International Economic Exchanges in Beijing on Saturday, Lou said China’s main indicators failed to fully show the economic problems the country was facing, including the challenges and risks raised by the leadership in an annual tone-setting meeting last week. Click here to read…

G-7 concerned about China’s “coercive” economic policies: Kyodo
December 12, 2021

The Group of Seven foreign ministers expressed concern Sunday about China’s “coercive” economic policies in what critics call “debt-trap” diplomacy toward developing countries, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said. The ministers also discussed “the situations in Hong Kong and Xinjiang,” where Beijing has been accused of human rights abuses, and the “importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” according to a statement issued by Britain, the G-7 chair, after their two-day talks in Liverpool, England. Click here to read…

U.N. says to publish findings soon on abuses in Xinjiang: Reuters
December 11, 2021

The United Nations’ human rights office is finalising its assessment of the situation in China’s Xinjiang region, where Uyghurs are alleged to have been unlawfully detained, mistreated and forced to work, a spokesperson said on Friday. Rupert Colville said the office of U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet hoped to publish its report in the coming weeks and that there had been “no concrete progress” in long-running talks with Chinese officials on a proposed visit. Click here to read…

China: Daily Scan, October 29, 2021

Zhou Naixiang elected governor of China’s Shandong: Xinhuanet
October 28, 2021

Zhou Naixiang was elected governor of east China’s Shandong Province by the provincial legislature on Wednesday. The 13th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress elected the governor at its sixth session. Click here to read…

U.S. criticized for clandestine bio-military activities: Xinhuanet
October 28, 2021

A Chinese military spokesperson on Thursday urged the United States to handle the inquiry into its bio-military activities in an open, transparent and responsible manner as they are related to international peace and security. Tan Kefei, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense, made the remarks at a regular press conference in Beijing. Click here to read…

Chinese FM calls for stronger cooperation among neighboring countries of Afghanistan for lasting peace, stability: Xinhuanet
October 28, 2021

China stands ready to work with all neighboring countries of Afghanistan to strengthen coordination and cooperation on Afghanistan-related issues, so as to help achieve lasting peace and stability in the country, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said. In a video message to the Second Meeting of Foreign Ministers of The Neighboring Countries of Afghanistan on Wednesday, Wang noted that the first Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in September was a creative move, as the participants officially launched the mechanism of coordination and cooperation among Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, and issued a joint statement covering a broad range of issues. Click here to read…

Former senior political advisor of Hainan given life sentence for bribery: Xinhuanet
October 28, 2021

A Chinese court on Thursday sentenced Wang Yong, a former senior political advisor of south China’s Hainan Province, to life in prison for bribery. Wang, former vice chairman of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, was convicted of taking bribes worth over 90.47 million yuan (14.14 million U.S. dollars) by the Guilin Intermediate People’s Court of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Click here to read…

China releases plan to shield intellectual property rights: Xinhuanet
October 28, 2021

China’s State Council has released a plan on the protection and application of intellectual property rights (IPRs) during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025). According to the plan, the country expects to see significant improvements in its IPR management capability by 2025. By then, IPRs will become a powerful booster for the country’s high-quality economic and social development, it added. Click here to read…

AUKUS, a hot topic at Beijing Xiangshan Forum Webinar 2021: China Military
October 28, 2021

The 5th session of Beijing Xiangshan Forum Webinar 2021 was held on the evening of October 26 around the topic of “Strategic Stability: Impasse and Way Out”, in which the establishment of the so-called trilateral security partnership, AUKUS, by the US, Britain and Australia and their nuclear submarine cooperation were heatedly discussed. Click here to read…

Beijing mandates COVID-19 booster shots in services sectors and for construction workers: Global Times
October 28, 2021

Beijing, the capital city, has vowed to promote booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines among construction workers and people in the services sector, such as chefs, purchasers, attendants, cleaners and security guards, and booster shots will be made mandatory for personnel in high-risk key positions. The capital city reported five new cases and two asymptomatic infections on Thursday, bringing the total number of local infections to 27. All these patients were under quarantine before they were confirmed as infected with COVID-19. Click here to read…

Wang Yi calls for coordinated action to expand economic exchanges with Afghanistan: Global Times
October 28, 2021

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called on countries neighboring Afghanistan to take coordinated action to expand economic and trade exchanges with the country, stressing that more multilateral coordination and efforts are needed to help stabilize Afghanistan. Wang’s remarks were consistent with what he said in Tianjin and Doha. It is more comprehensive, which shows that China’s policies toward Afghanistan are clearer but experts said it doesn’t imply recognition of the Afghan Taliban government. Click here to read…

FBI director asks US businesses to work more closely with the agency to defeat Chinese espionage efforts: South China Morning Post
October 29, 2021

The head of the FBI urged US companies on Thursday to develop closer ties with it to counter a “multi-avenue” effort by Beijing to amass enough intellectual property to “become the world’s only superpower”. In a virtual address to the Economic Club of New York, Christopher Wray, the director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, encouraged its members to establish partnerships with the agency’s local offices – before breaches occur like the Microsoft Exchange email server hack discovered earlier this year. Click here to read…

China to build outpost for Tajikistan special forces near Afghan border: Reuters
October 28, 2021

China will finance the construction of an outpost for a special forces unit of Tajikistan’s police near the Tajik-Afghan border, the Central Asian nation’s parliament said on Thursday. The post will be located in Tajikistan’s eastern Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province in the Pamir mountains, which border China’s Xinjiang province as well as the northeastern Afghan province of Badakhshan. Click here to read…

Huawei paid Democratic powerbroker Podesta $1 million to lobby –sources: Reuters
October 28, 2021

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei paid Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta $1 million to lobby the Biden administration on its behalf, double what the lobbyist has revealed publicly, according to two people familiar with the matter. This month, the prominent Washington lobbyist disclosed a $500,000 payment from Huawei in a third-quarter lobbying report. But Podesta actually received $1 million total in separate installments in June and September, the people said, declining to be named since the information was not public. Click here to read…