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China: Daily Scan, January 5, 2022

China to practice list-based management for all items requiring administrative approval, implement category-based management of corporate credit risks: Xinhuanet
January 5, 2022

China will practice list-based management for all items requiring administrative approval, to regulate the exercise of power and provide more benefits for enterprises and more accessible services to the public, as decided at the State Council’s Executive Meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday.Click here to read…

CPC issues regulations on discipline inspection commissions’ work: Xinhuanet
January 4, 2022

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has issued regulations on the work of the Party’s discipline inspection commissions.A circular was released demanding thorough implementation of the regulations which make comprehensive provisions on the leadership system, establishment, operation, duties and self-building of the commissions.
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6,660 5G base stations built in Tibet: Xinhuanet
January 4, 2022

Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region built 3,083 5G base stations in 2021, bringing the number of 5G base stations in the region to 6,660 in total.The figure was released by Yan Jinhai, acting chairman of the regional government, in his government work report delivered Tuesday at the fifth session of the 11th People’s Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region.Click here to read…

Xi signs mobilization order for military training: China Military
January 4, 2022

Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday signed a mobilization order for the training of the armed forces, the first order of the Central Military Commission (CMC) in 2022. Signed by Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the CMC, the order declared the start of military training for the year.Click here to read…

Xi’an big data bureau head suspended from duty after health code system crashed twice: Global Times
January 5, 2022

Xi’an big data bureau head Liu Jun was suspended from duty for poor performance after the health code system crashed twice amid city-wide COVID-19 screening in the capital of Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, the local authorities said on Wednesday.Click here to read…

China to implement new regulation on algorithm recommendation services: China Daily
January 4, 2022

A new set of rules on algorithm recommendation services will come into effect on March 1, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced Tuesday. The regulation, jointly issued by the CAC and three other departments, stipulates that algorithmic recommendation service providers shall not use technology to engage in illegal activities or spread illegal information, and shall take measures to prevent the dissemination of harmful online content.Click here to read…

China’s central bank issues financial technology development plan: People’s Daily
January 5, 2022

China has released a plan for the development of financial technology from 2022 to 2025 under efforts to spur the digital economy with an improved modern financial system, according to the country’s central bank on Tuesday.Click here to read…

China’s secret wind tunnel is key to testing hypersonic missiles and avoiding airborne mistakes: South China Morning Post
January 5, 2022

The world’s first wind tunnel capable of testing a full-sized hypersonic missile through the critical stages of flight has been operating in China and helped prevent expensive test failures such as setbacks seen in the United States, according to scientists involved in the Chinese project. The facility’s name, location and top Mach rating remained classified, but it had played an important role in China’s hypersonic weapons programme, allowing ground tests that could expose critical engineering and technological issues before missiles go up for a test flight, the researchers said.Click here to read…

US-China reach trade talk ‘stalemate’ despite expiry of phase-one deal as Beijing, Washington remain silent: South China Morning Post
January 5, 2022

China and the United States have reached a “stalemate” in the process to resume trade talks despite the expiry of their phase-one trade deal last week, with no clear indication from either Beijing or Washington of when the silence will be broken. A long-awaited new round of talks between China’s chief trade negotiator, Vice-Premier Liu He, and US Trade Representative Katherine Tai and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has yet to happen.
Liu last met Tai and Yellen via separate video calls in October before the high-profile talk between Xi Jinping and US counterpart Joe Biden in mid-November.Click here to read…

China’s market regulator fines Alibaba, Tencent for failing to report deals: Reuters
January 5, 2022

China’s top market regulator said on Wednesday it has fined units of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (9988.HK), Tencent Holdings Ltd (0700.HK), and Bilibili Inc for failing to properly report about a dozen deals. According to public filings, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) placed penalties of 500,000 yuan ($78,692) on the companies per deal, the maximum under China’s 2008 anti-monopoly law.Click here to read…

China’s cyberspace regulator to require security reviews for apps that influence public opinion: Reuters
January 5, 2022

China’s cyberspace regulator on Wednesday issued draft rules governing mobile apps, stating that apps with functions that could influence public opinion will need security reviews. The regulator added that mobile app providers must not conduct activities that endanger national security.Click here to read…

China: Daily Scan, November 29, 2021

Chinese premier calls for enhanced coordination with UN: Xinhuanet
November 26, 2021

China stands ready to strengthen coordination with the United Nations to implement the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, strengthen South-South cooperation, and promote more balanced, coordinated and inclusive global development, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said here Friday. Li made the remarks during a meeting via video link with Abdulla Shahid, president of the 76th session of the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA). Click here to read…

China strengthens lending support for private enterprises: Xinhuanet
November 28, 2021

China has increased lending support for the private sector, with new loans to private enterprises reaching 5 trillion yuan (about 782 billion U.S. dollars) in the first 10 months of 2021, according to China’s top banking and insurance regulator.The amount accounted for 53.5 percent of the total new corporate loans in the 10 months, 1.8 percentage points higher than the level at the beginning of this year, data from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) showed. Click here to read…

Xiaomi to set up automobile plant in Beijing: Xinhunaet
November 27, 2021

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi Corp plans to build an automobile manufacturing plant in Beijing with an annual capacity of 300,000 vehicles. The announcement was made at a contract signing ceremony on Saturday between the company and the management committee of the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. Click here to read…

Xi stresses strengthening military talent cultivation: People’s Daily
November 29, 2021

Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed thorough military talent cultivation to support and lead progress in strengthening the armed forces. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee (CPC) and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), made the remarks when speaking at a CMC conference on military talent-related work from Friday to Sunday. Click here to read…

Tencent’s payment platform fined for breaking foreign exchange rules: Global Times
November 28, 2021

Chinese tech giant Tencent’s online payment platform Tenpay was fined 2.78 million yuan ($434,792) by the local branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) in Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong Province, where Tencent is headquartered. Click here to read…

Huawei reveals work of top talent from ‘Geniuses’ program for first time: Global Times

November 28, 2021

Chinese tech giant Huawei revealed for the first time the “mysterious” work of its young prodigy Zhong Zhao, a young employee with an annual salary of 2.01 million yuan ($314,435), whose technology has been applied to tens of millions of Huawei smart phones, according to an article released on Huawei’s online community Xinsheng in November. Click here to read…

Lambda, Mu … Omicron? Why the WHO skipped ‘Nu’ and ‘Xi’ to name latest coronavirus variant: : South China Morning Post
November 29, 2021

Going by the Greek alphabet, the next names should have been “Nu” and “Xi” but the WHO skipped them and went on to call the latest coronavirus variant “Omicron”. But why? Was it to avoid similarities with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s name? Before the World Health Organization named Omicron as a variant “of concern” on Friday, the last identified variant was the Mu variant, named after the 12th out of 24 letters in the Greek alphabet.
Nu and Xi, the 13th and 14th letters, were next in line. Click here to read…

Which Chinese military units are expanding while others are shedding troops? : South China Morning Post
November 29, 2021

China has expanded its combat forces to adapt to changing risks – despite a years-long push to streamline the People’s Liberation Army, according a Communist Party publication.
In a book of commentaries published in mid-November by party mouthpiece People’s Daily, military commentator Zhong Xin said the PLA had been “optimising” its personnel structure by deploying more troops to combat roles while cutting 300,000 positions.
The book focuses on President Xi Jinping’s reforms over the last decade and in it Zhong said the military now had about 2 million personnel, down from a peak of more than 6 million in the midst of the Korean war in the 1950s. When Xi, who also heads the Central Military Commission, introduced a military modernisation plan in 2015, that number had already decreased to 2.3 million as a result of a series of overhauls. Click here to read…

Record 2.1m Chinese sit civil service exam as economy slows, youth jobless rate climbs: South China Morning Post
November 28, 2021

A record number of Chinese are sitting the national civil service examination this year, in hopes of landing a secure government job amid slowing growth and high youth unemployment. More than 2.12 million applicants registered for Sunday’s exam, known as guokao in Mandarin, according to the state-owned China News Service. That is 35 per cent higher than last year’s 1.57 million, and the first time the number has crossed 2 million.
That also gives applicants just a 1-in-68 chance of success, even though 31,200 government jobs are open at 75 central government agencies and 23 attached institutions. Successful candidates will take up their positions early next year. Click here to read…

Taiwan scrambles to see off Chinese air force as Xi meets top brass: Reuters
November 28, 2021

Taiwan’s air force scrambled again on Sunday to warn away 27 Chinese aircraft that entered its air defence zone, Taiwan’s defence ministry said, the latest increase in tensions across the Taiwan Strait as China’s president met his top generals. Chinese-claimed Taiwan has complained for a year or more of repeated missions by China’s air force near the democratically governed island, often in the southwestern part of its air defence identification zone, or ADIZ, close to the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands. Click here to read…

China: Daily Scan, November 5, 2021

China issues IPR protection, application plan for 2021-2025 period: Xinhuanet
November 3, 2021

China has recently issued a major plan on IPR protection and application work for the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), highlighting innovation, application and protection in the sector, according to IPR authorities. The plan is a blueprint with detailed targets and measures for the country to embark on a journey to strengthen its intellectual property undertakings, the National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA) said. Click here to read…

China to regulate business operations of police family members: Xinhuanet
November 3, 2021

Chinese police authority regulates business operations by family members of police officers as it released a document listing business areas to be avoided.The negative list, published by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), delineated five areas in which police officers’ spouses, children and their spouses are banned from entering. Click here to read…

China seeks to expand IoT applications into more areas: People’s Daily
November 4, 2021

China plans to have more than 2 billion connections for its Internet of Things (IoT) by 2023, according to an action plan jointly formulated and released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and seven other ministries. Click here to read…

11 nabbed over money scam using digital currency: China Daily
November 4, 2021

Police in Xinmi in Central China’s Henan province have detained 11 suspects after cracking down on the country’s first money laundering case using digital currency. “The crackdown has opened a new battlefield to fight against money laundering in the country,” said Xinmi police in their official WeChat account on Wednesday. Click here to read…

UN General Assembly panel adopts China’s draft arms-control resolution: China Daily
November 5, 2021

The First Committee of the 76th United Nations General Assembly passed a draft resolution on arms control submitted by China on Wednesday. It was the first time in 30 years that China proposed a measure on international arms control and disarmament issues at the UN. The draft resolution “Promoting International Cooperation on Peaceful Uses in the Context of International Security” says that “all countries have the right to exchange equipment, materials, and science and technology for peaceful purposes, and that all countries should take concrete measures to promote peace while fulfilling their obligations to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery”.Click here to read…

Latest blasts in Kabul deepen concerns over security; Taliban govt urged to take stronger measures in fighting terrorism: Global Times
November 3, 2021

Explosions at the biggest military hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, which killed at least 25 people and injured more than 50 on Tuesday, deepened the international community’s concerns over the security situation and stability in Afghanistan. Analysts urged the Afghan Taliban interim government to take stronger moves to crack down on terrorism before more extremists are stirred up and drive the war-torn country into a hotbed of terrorism and extremism. Click here to read…

Xi Jinping vows to address trade practice concerns as China seeks to join Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership: South China Morning Post
November 4, 2021

Chinese President Xi Jinping criticised protectionism and unilateralism on Thursday, promising to address concerns about China’s trade practices as the country seeks to join a Pacific Rim trade bloc. “China supports the reform of the World Trade Organization in the right direction, the inclusive development of the multilateral trading system, and the legitimate rights and interests of the developing members,” Xi said, adding that China would push forward its efforts to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). and the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement.
In a video address to the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, Xi said China has “fully fulfilled the commitments it made when joining the WTO in 2001”. Click here to read…

Beijing orders fresh batch of apps, including some run by Tencent and Alibaba, to rectify violations as regulatory crackdown continues: South China Morning Post
November 3, 2021

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has ordered 38 apps, including news and music services apps run by Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings, as well as popular social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, to rectify violations related to excessive data collection and publishing misleading information, as Chinese authorities maintain a regulatory crackdown. Click here to read…

Top Hong Kong court rules against government bid to expand riot prosecutions: Reuters
November 4, 2021

Hong Kong’s top court on Thursday quashed attempts by the city’s government to prosecute people for rioting or illegal assembly even without being present at the scene – a ruling lawyers described as a landmark. The five-judge panel in Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal, headed by Chief Justice Andrew Cheung, unanimously rejected an earlier ruling by a lower appeal court that people, such as supporters, could be criminally liable without being actually present under the common law doctrine of “joint enterprise”.Click here to read…

Chinese developers’ shares, bonds stumble again as Kaisa, units suspended: Reuters
November 5, 2021

A rout in shares and bonds of Chinese property developers deepened on Friday as Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd (1638.HK) and three of its units had their shares suspended, a day after Kaisa said an affiliate had missed a payment on a wealth management product. Shenzhen-based homebuilder Kaisa, which has guaranteed the wealth management product, said in a statement on Thursday it is facing unprecedented liquidity pressure due to a challenging property market and rating downgrades. Click here to read…